A walkthrough is a process of systematically examining and understanding a particular task or process. It involves step-by-step guidance to ensure a successful outcome. Walkthroughs play a vital role in various industries, including software development, construction, and education. In this article, we will explore the concept of walkthroughs in detail, its significance, and how it can be implemented effectively.

I. Understanding Walkthroughs

1.1 Definition of Walkthroughs 1.2 Importance of Walkthroughs 1.3 Benefits of Walkthroughs

II. Types of Walkthroughs

2.1 Software Development Walkthroughs – 2.1.1 Code Review Walkthroughs – 2.1.2 User Interface Walkthroughs – 2.1.3 System Integration Walkthroughs

2.2 Construction Walkthroughs – 2.2.1 Pre-construction Walkthroughs – 2.2.2 Safety Walkthroughs

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